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How to Scan QR Code Using iPhone/iPad Camera Application – iOS 11

Scan QR Code Using iPhone Within iOS 11 Apple did many improvement to iPhone, iPad operating system. Among that changes iOS 11 added QR Code scanning support within iPhone, or iPad Camera Application. If you have iPhone or iPad updated with latest version of iOS 11 then QR Code Scanner is on by default until you disable it. In this article I explained how to Scan QR Code Using iPhone, iPad. Now no need to download third party application just for QR Code Scanning.

How to Use Flicks Keyboard on iPad – iOS 11

Flicks Keyboard iPad iOS 11 Within iOS 11 Apple updated keyboard for iPad. This updated keyboard on iPad includes new features called Flick, it allows to choose regular and special characters very easily by key flicks, it means no need to use shift key for typing special characters. If your iPad support iOS 11 then you must upgrade to iOS 11. It will enable new keyboard for iOS 11. Note: Keyboard flicks does not available for iPhone.

How to Disable Automatic App Updates via Cellular Network on iPhone

Disable Automatic App Updates Here is the brief idea how to disable automatic app updates via cellular network. If you set automatically updates on iPhone then it will download new version of application automatically. If you are using WiFi then it will ok, but if you are using cellular network then it will consume mobile data for app updates. This article explained how to stop consuming mobile data. Whenever you are on Wi-Fi network it will download application updates, but not during cellular network. It will save mobile data lot.

How to Use Delete For Everyone in WhatsApp

Delete For Everyone WhatsApp WhatsApp released new features that allows user to delete sent message. It is available for everyone on iPhone and Android. This works for single message to group message sent. When message delete it shows text as "This message was deleted" to other users. It shows text "You deleted this message" on sender iPhone or Android. Important things to remember is that you can delete sent message from other device up to five to seven minutes of message sent. Other things you have to consider is that if person have older version of WhatsApp then this features will not work. This featured will only work with latest version WhatsApp in any platform iOS, Android etc.