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How to Enable or Disable True Tone Display on iPad Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

True tone display iPad Pro Apple did great job by adding true tone display support from iPad Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. True tone display uses device ambient light sensors and change screen hue and colour intensity according to surrounding light temperature. I mean if you are sitting under warm light (yellow tint) then your iPad Pro or iPhone 8/8 Plus display shows warm colour. If you are sitting under daylight (pure white) then your iPad Pro, iPhone 8/8 Plus display shows colour accordingly.

How to Pin Notes in iOS 11 Notes Application

How to Pin Notes iOS 11 If you are using notes application frequently on your iPhone or iPad, then it will be long list. But you can pin important notes at top of the list, so pinned notes remain at top all time. This works with Notes Application on iPhone and iPad having iOS 11 available. It is very easy to pin the notes but it was not visible to interface. You can easily swipe record and pin any notes.

How to Share Live Location via WhatsApp on iPhone

Share Live Location via WhatsApp If you have latest verison of WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android, you can share you live location via WhatsApp easily. Very useful features if you are out of way. You can also share location with someone visiting your place. Now it is possible to share realtime location that gives different dimension while you are travelling. You got it right, now you can share real time location, I mean live location. Actually just sharing the location was there for may days. But now you can share live location also. Here is brief guide how it works.

How to Block a Contact or Phone Number on iPhone

Block Contact Phone Number iPhone If you are using iPhone for business or commercial purpose, sometimes you may need to block someone calling you. At first it looks very difficult to figure out how to block the contact or phone number within iPhone. But it is very easy to block existing contact or phone number via iPhone contacts application. Below are simple ways to block the contacts in iPhone.

How to Download GIF from Website to iPhone / iPad in iOS 11

Download GIF from Website to iPhone iPad iOS 11 Gif Image Source:
As you know iOS 11 has many features added and performance improvement done. One of the features added is GIF support within iOS 11. Now you can easily download gif from any website and save to photo gallery. It will create animated album and save all gif within it. Gif support was not there in iOS 10, If you tried in the past to save gif, you noticed that it was converted to static image and saved as still image. Now with release of iOS 11 in built support given for Gif, no need to depend on any other application.